Frequently Asked Questions Got Questions About AirBase? We've Got Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

AirBase is a simple, cloud-based document management application that allows to you to securely store and organize your business documents while providing users with any time, anywhere access via an intuitive user interface. With AirBase, you can create, maintain and grow your solution directly from the same user interface, minimizing the need for IT support. Learn more.

  • A graphical tile-based user interface with ability to:
    • Add and classify documents into logical groups from any web browser, mobile devices and selected multifunction devices
    • Easily search for and retrieve documents with business-defined search fields
    • View and assign to-do activities
    • Manage user security and configure/expand the solution
  • Access while in the office or on the go, via any web browser and mobile device
  • User-driven person-to-person document routing and notifications
  • Ability to assign document status to improve visibility
  • Ability to add and view comments, recording context and improving collaboration

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AirBase brings value to businesses that have a need to:

  • Eliminate paper storage requirements
  • Organize documents for easy search and retrieval
  • Provide any time, anywhere access to documents from any web browser or mobile device
  • Consolidate disconnected electronic file methods – such as personal drives, file shares, email inboxes – into a single location
  • Deliver documents to the right people with simple person-to-person document routing
  • Get up and running quickly and with minimal IT resources via a secure cloud-based offering

Yes – AirBase can be accessed via any web browser, and users can add and access content from any mobile or tablet device.

AirBase is hosted in a private cloud (the Hyland Cloud) specifically designed for content management, utilizing data centers strategically positioned around the globe. This allows you to choose which region your data is located and keeps your data from comingling with the data of other organizations. Contact Us for more information.

Your data will never be comingled with another organization’s data. Each AirBase customer has their own environment with their own database, files and encryption keys.

AirBase provides users with their own unique encryption key(s), ensuring their data is separate and secure from other users’ information. A security breach for one customer would never affect another.

Simple and affordable, AirBase pricing is on a subscription basis and is per user, per month. There is no tiered pricing model for different amounts of storage. If you’d like to learn more, please Contact Us.